Top 5 ways which helped me before I found the Ultimate Cure

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I have read about all sorts of stuff that can help prevent my face to blush like diet, exercise, make-up, meditation, quitting alcohol drinking, etc. But only a few have actually helped me from time to time. And I’m quite sure these are not placebo.

5. Garlic

garlic clove

It lowers blood pressure. Especially when I eat a quar     ter of a clove before I engage a meeting. Downside is my breath gives that distinct smell.

4. Almonds


Munching this every now and then helps me relax. Kirkland Signature has great tasting almonds and is all natural
3. Listening to relaxing music

listening to relaxing music

I love the instrumentals with matching beach wave sounds. There are lots of these in youtube. It does help me feel more relaxed.

2. Imagining I already made love to the person (For my case, of course the person should be a woman)

office romance2


Why? It is because somehow it gives me more courage to speak up to the lady. Beware this tip is not for everyone. As some might feel more guilt inside them, hence will have graver and heavier thoughts which can lead to blushing.

1. Becoming available personally only in the morning.

office handshake

I’m not sure where the science of this came from, but I would notice I rarely blush in the morning. Maybe because I still feel cool after taking the morning shower. Or maybe its the cool morning breeze.

On another note, I have tried anxiety pills or medicines for high blood such as beta blockers or propranolol. It was working at first, until I experienced a HORRIFYING side effect. To be exact, there was one time while I was in my office just sitting and typing, I notice my heart just started a beating problem. In a short instance my heart had difficulty pumping, like 5-6 beats in 10 seconds, then suddenly it increased like I just ran in a 100 meter dash! It was then pumping very hard and very fast! I was touching my chest really hard, I was sweating grease, i almost fainted and I thought I was going to die. I panicked and I was so scared during that time. After that incident I entirely stopped taking anymore meds. Obviously this is the reason why I am not including beta blockers on my list.

All of these helped me somehow, however the disease is still present, it lingers, manages to show up, and is still in control of my life. Good thing I have found out this ultimate cure which TOTALLY eliminated this disease, Click Here and discover the real deal.









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